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DAWN (Development Alternatives for Wider Network) was conceived in 1988 by a group of social researchers with a vision to bridge the gap between research and grass root level action. Registered in 1992-93, the professional group of DAWN is drawn from multi disciplines. The field workers recruited from concerned communities provide a vital link between the organization and the people. DAWN team started working with informal unorganized poor of rural and urban areas of Orissa through spontaneously emerging self-reliant people’s organization. We believe in and profess to be a non-hierarchal, non- religious, non-political organization. It is an equal opportunities organization and will not consciously perpetuate direct or indirect discrimination on the basis of gender, caste, class etc. The organization is decentralized in character, in terms of authority and decision-making process with balanced degree of centralization to encourage accountability and transparency. We endeavor to be gender sensitive in terms of work culture having major percentage women at management, co-ordination, and operational levels.
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Ashoka Change Makers Award for Low Cost Housing :
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DAWN has formed and organized 43 Common Interest Groups and accessed DRI loan from Punjab National Bank as people’s contribution (10% of the total housing cost of Rs.1,70,000/-) for the construction of 800 houses with Bhubaneswar Municipal Corporation for the slumdwellers of Bhartpur and Dumduma Slum under BSUP prograMMe of JNNURM in 2009.

A total of Rs.1. 3 million is chanelised through the Mahila Jagruti women collectives to 700+ beneficiaries (amounting 3000/- to 5000/- besides thousands of crisis/emergency loans.

Low Cost Model houses established in slums in all operational cities and towns Apart from housing 32-seated toilets are constructed in Munda Sahi under the CUSIP project with Cuttack Municipality Authority, 4 in Patta sahi settlement in Cuttack, 9-seated toilets in Balijhara of Paradeep and 19-seated toilet in Penthakata Puri with associated skill development and capacity building created among such Communities and Cities.
Shelter provision is being facilitated for the Tribal Migrant s of Mayurbhanj) in  sector13 CDA. They are  successfully rehabilitated through a participatory process without a Single Police deployment. And also the alliance participated in Niladri Vihar R&R (BBSR), ensuring tenure /alternative provision in Balijhara (PDP), Rasulgarh (BBSR) etc.
The Alliance with the help of a team of architects Mr.S.K.Das and  Mr. Swagat Jena,  have explored on options for different settlement layouts, unit designs and construction technologies for Cuttack, Bhubaneswar, Paradeep and Puri settlements.
DAWN has evolved community motivated building centre through communities to prepare “ladies” and Beams” as alternative housing material in Bhubaneswar and Cuttack. The Alliance has been pioneer in establishing horizontal exchanges. For the last five years it has been
Organised a housing exhibition with the support of the Cuttack Municipal Corporation (CMC) to capture community sense of design and their needs in the year 2001/2002.
Conducting exchange programmes nearly six times in a year between Government officials, among community people and members of the Federations belonging to different states.
CoMMunity policing activities by women in slums of Puri, Cuttack, Bhubaneswar.
  Regular survey and Data base creation by Federation for urban slums as an Urban Resource Centre.
Relief activities were conducted in collaboration with Punjab National Bank for the flood affected persons of Nakhapada Village of Narasinghpur, Cuttack in 2009. Awareness and orientation programmes  were conducted for the livelihood development of farmers through SRI method of rice cultivation. Besides, issues of availability and management of water for farmers are documented in the block of Narasinghpur, Cuttack.

Research Activities:

We have conducted Socio-Economic Studies as a part and parcel of Rehabilitation of the project affected persons of MGM Steels limited and CESC limited in the district of Dhenkanal in 2008-2009.


Awarded Ashoka Change Makers’ Award for Community Driven women  led Low Cost Housing   in 2006.

Awarded “Partner in Progress” in 2008 by Bhubaneswar Municipal Corporation for conducting  Slum Profile in the City of Bhubaneswar.

Received Sadbhawana Award, 2009 by Rajiv Gandhi Forum, Orissa affiliated to Rajiv Gandhi Foundation, New Delhi.

International Membership:  Member of CARAM Asia Bhd, Malasia in 2009.

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