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DAWN (Development Alternatives for Wider Network) was conceived in 1988 by a group of social researchers with a vision to bridge the gap between research and grass root level action. Registered in 1992-93, the professional group of DAWN is drawn from multi disciplines. The field workers recruited from concerned communities provide a vital link between the organization and the people. DAWN team started working with informal unorganized poor of rural and urban areas of Orissa through spontaneously emerging self-reliant people’s organization. We believe in and profess to be a non-hierarchal, non- religious, non-political organization. It is an equal opportunities organization and will not consciously perpetuate direct or indirect discrimination on the basis of gender, caste, class etc. The organization is decentralized in character, in terms of authority and decision-making process with balanced degree of centralization to encourage accountability and transparency. We endeavor to be gender sensitive in terms of work culture having major percentage women at management, co-ordination, and operational levels.
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Labour and migration

The organization is basically working with internal migrant workers of India. However, we have some programs in West Bengal with irregular migrants from Bangladesh. These undocumented migrants from Bangladesh are 20 percent of the total target population that DAWN is working with in West Bengal, India. Most of them live in harsh conditions on streets. The organization is involved with these people on working for their basic necessities such as shelter and facilitating their right to stay and work. As we have a good political back-up it is easier on our part for making the status of these irregular migrants to the extent where they can vote as Indian citizens for the local leaders of West Bengal, India.
We have achieved secure land tenure in CDA Munda Sahi Cuttack, Orissa for the Tribal Migrants of Mayurbhanj District and built 18 low cost houses for the migrants in the city of Cuttack and 9 in Bhubaneswar.

We have also received the Ashoka Change Makers Award for its commendable work for community and women led low cost housing.

Currently we are also working with the rural families of the periodical migrant labourers of Narasinghpur of Cuttack district on the issues of extra burden of cattle rearing, fuel and fodder collection, other allied agricultural activities of women and children.
Campaign on Domestic Workers Rights in Orissa, India :

A meeting of the Domestic Workers was organized on 28th August, 2009 in Bhubaneswar, the Capital City of Orissa, India by DAWN (Development Alternatives for Wider Network) to establish the rights of Domestic workers such as, Domestic work as work to be recognized by the Government of Orissa and to avail the health facilities and services as a worker, Minimum wage rate and one day paid leave in a week.

Inauguration of the Post Card Campaign to the Chief Minister of Orissa.

The proposal in this regard was sent to the Department of Labour and Employment which awaits the approval of the Chief Minister of Orissa. As a result, 2 lakhs Domestic workers would be benefited and raise their socio-economic condition. Further, it was discussed and decided to make a post card campaign to the Chief Minister and action was initiated on the very day to make and formulate the rights of the workers as an Act so that the domestic workers would be free from exploitation. It was also felt that not only the enactment of the Act would solve the problem, there is a need to create awareness among the Employers and support such initiative. Training and skill development of the Domestic workers is necessitated to gain the confidence and of the Employers was suggested by the Speakers of the day.

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